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For us, tonight is Epiphany, the realization that Jesus is the savior, the King.  Tonight the three kings arrived to worship the child in the manger.  We light our Christmas trees and top them with stars. We string light outside our houses to pierce the darkness.  All these thousands of years later, we still set out our own stars to guide the Magi on their way, and to welcome the Light of God into our homes and the hearts waiting within them.

Around our little town and the one next door, our neighbors lights shine brightly.  Star light, star bright, twinkle, twinkle, and guide us home.

(These words come from an Epiphany hymn…)

What star is this with beams so bright, more beauteous than the noonday light?

It shines to herald forth the King, and Gentiles to his crib to bring.

True spake the prophet from afar who told the rise of Jacob’s star; and eastern sages with amaze upon the wondrous token gaze.

The guiding star above is bright;

within  them shines a clearer light, and leads them on with power benign to seek the Giver of the sign.

O Jesus, while the star of grace impels us on to seek thy face,

let not our slothful hearts refuse the guidance of thy light to use.

To God the father, heavenly Light

to Christ, revealed in earthly night,

to God the Holy Ghost we raise our equal and unceasing praise.

Wishing you every blessing,