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Spring cheers me.  Renewal.  Rebirth.  Resurrection.  Out of the barren wasteland of  winter, life springs anew.  Even the word “spring” used as a verb, means to jump up or conjures up images of something constrained being set free to burst open.  As you probably already know, I revel in celebrating each season, and this one calls for bringing out cheerful colors and lightening things up.  Spring should bring a giggle into your home and into your life.

My friend, Martine, who imports goods from France for a living, sold me this gorgeous tablecloth at cost. Besides the exceptionally exquisite, plaid color combination and its lovely woven leaves, it wipes clean with a damp sponge.  I kid you not!  The French have figured out how to take real, woven, linen cloth and coat it to repel liquids.  I filled a clear, glass trifle bowl (from Martha Stewart’s old collection for Kmart) with citrus fruits and set it on a hand crocheted doily as a center piece.

A Chenille Flower

I changed over our bedclothes from brushed flannel sheets and a fluffy, thick comforter to well washed, soft cotton sheets and this vintage chenille bedspread from my great-grand aunt.  I still keep a down blanket under the spread to keep us warm on the still, occasionally chilly nights.

A China Blossom

Outside flowers continue to bloom. This hydrangea sits on our porch awaiting planting in our yard.  The hydrangea and this azalea came from the altar decorations on Easter at church.

We can see these cherry blossoms outside our bedroom window.  The tree graces the front of our house with these beautiful clusters of flowers.  The opened themselves to the sunshine one afternoon, when I took all of these photos.

Wishing you every blessing,