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Arlene has given me the Versatile Blogger Award!

Thank you, Arlene, for encouraging me in this journey to explore and create.  Thank you for understanding and receiving the gifts I hope to share through my blog— those of encouragement, respite, and small, easily doable “good things” to enrich our lives.  This recession and its downward pull on all our spirits seemed to call for a positive response from me for myself, my friends, and all those who kindly take an interest in my efforts here.

Also, please stop by Arlene’s site Armoured Up for inspiration and refreshment of your spirit.  (Afterall, she won this award before me, as well as the award for One Lovely Blog.)

I am honored by all of you who have trusted me enough to fill up your “In” boxes by subscribing to or following this blog. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to stop by and read my work because I recognize how busy your lives must be.

Accepting this award involves:

  • Acknowledging the generous, kind, and thoughtful soul (named Arlene) who nominated you and posting a link to her site.
  • Sharing 7 things about myself.
  • Passing it on to seven of my fellow bloggers and giving them each a heads up that they have been nominated.

About Christina:

  1. I stand exactly 5feet 11 and a half inches tall.  So, whenever I tell people my exact height, they say, “Why don’t you just say you’re 6 feet tall?”  Whenever I tell people I’m six feet tall, they ask, “Are you really six feet tall or just close to it?”  No one just says, “Oh, how lovely!”
  2. I used to be an English teacher.  I have taught middle school, high school, and college (or “University”, for those of you outside the US).  I even tutored and held writing workshops at the Charlotte School of Law.  I have worked with students who have special needs, who are exceptionally bright (called “Gifted”), and those in between.  I have worked with underprivileged kids and rich kids, as well as kids of nearly all ethnic backgrounds, religions, and races. (In one school where I taught, our students spoke 41 different languages.) I have loved teaching them all!
  3. Sometimes I write my posts (in part or in total) using voice recognition software, because I have permanent nerve damage in my right fingers, which can cause them to stiffen when used for long periods.  A former student of mine taught me how to use it.  (God sends us angels when we need them most.)
  4. Although I studied British and American Literature in college, I went to a high school for the gifted in Math and Science.  Yes, I actually enjoyed my high school Physics class, and I still LOVE The Lord of the Rings trilogy, in book form. (I have the complete set of promotional, glow-in-the-dark drinking goblets from the movies to prove my devotion.)  I remain a proud geek!
  5. Before that, I attended an artsy private school in New York City but spent my summers in Iowa, Massachusetts, and Michigan.  This combination makes me an incurable clothes horse (with an impressive shoe collection) who can gut and scale a fish without flinching, ride a horse, and shoot a rifle.
  6. I get to attend at least one black tie event a year, so I have several ball gowns, too!
  7. My husband and his astounding love for me completely transformed my life (see “How I Came to Live in Love” for the details.)

7 Blogs I Proudly Nominate for the Versatile Blogger Award:

  1. Anniespickns’s Blog
  2. Caregiving with Grace
  3. Going Dutch, and Loving It
  4. Happiness Stan Lives Here
  5. Jen Maan in Amman
  6.  Just a Smidgen
  7. Rosemary’s Blog

These folks are simply terrific, and you will enjoy their work!  Make sure you look around their sites to see just how versatile they all are.

Winning this award has motivated me to return to blogging regularly!  Arlene, you have truly blessed me by surprising me with such an amazing gift.  I have the computer to myself now that my beloved hubby has a new job, and the memory of my camera is completely full of the pictures I haven’t had a chance to share yet.  So, expect to hear more from me soon.  Thanks again to everyone for your support!

Wishing you every blessing,