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On the last warm day of Indian summer, I arranged to meet my beloved hubby for lunch at a wonderful outdoor café, where we could sit and enjoy the 80 degree weather.

a cafe on the church terrace with palm trees and umbrellas

The terrace of Inside Park at Saint Bart’s.

Hand in hand, we walked a couple of blocks from his Midtown office to Saint Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church.

church in midtown

Saint Bart’s amid the crowds and skyscrapers.

Why a church for lunch, you may ask yourself?  Well, Saint Bart’s, as it is affectionately known, has taken advantage of its prime location on Park Avenue by having a small café inside its stone courtyard.

front doors and flags of saint bartholomew's church with a midtown crowd

Bustling by Saint Bart’s

Originally, Café Saint Bart’s served sandwiches and simple small bites, like salads, however, in 2008, a new, full service restaurant opened in its place.  Inside Park at Saint Bart’s has converted the Great Hall of the Community House into an indoor restaurant,

Interior of Inside Park at Saint Bart's Restaurant

Inside Inside Park

but in summer, the buzz is all about the outdoor terrace and its delicious cuisine.

palms under the umbrella with benches

Relax on the terrace

Beloved hubby had been squiring clients there all summer and had even brought home a menu for my perusal.  That’s when I decided to make it to Inside Park at Saint Bart’s for myself one day. And so, I did!

the clear canopy over Inside Park at Saint Bart's

Looking up from the terrace.

Because we had no reservation, we grabbed a seat at the curved stone bar and ordered drinks.  The bar overlooks New York’s famed Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.

Waldorf-Astoria canopy with hedges

View of the Waldorf from our bar seats.

My drink, The Violet, was a beautiful light amethyst color with a purple pansy floating in it.  It included the herbal liqueur Saint Germain as well as a violet liqueur, so it smelled divinely flowery and herbaceous.

Amethyst martini with floating purple pansy

Very delicious Violet cocktail.

For lunch, I ordered salmon over leeks in a cream sauce with fingerling potatoes.  Simply perfection!  Not too heavy, not too much starch.  A creamy, subtle, multi-textured delight.

my salmon lunch at Saiint Bart's

Salmon with braised leeks in cream with fingerling potatoes.

(Inside Park at Saint Bart’s is located at 109 East 50th Street at Park Avenue)

After lunch, I took pictures of the window boxes on the terrace,

window box full of flowers in a church window

Flowers on the window sill.

interesting architectural details,

a hidden deep set window

An old church window.

and these small gardens surrounding the church.

purple and green garden

A Small City Garden

Saint Bart"s walled garden

A walled courtyard garden

As I walked back with hubby to the office, I stopped to snap these shots along Park Avenue in the sunshine.

3 public sculptures on an office plaza

Sculpture decorates the scene.

gold abtract scultpure amid skyscrapers

Gold sculpture glitters and glows.

a fountain with 4 plumes in new york city

A cool fountain shimmers and spouts in the sun.

3 female sculptures of dancers in the median of Park Avenue in New York City

3 dames delighted to be dancing down Park Avenue.

I’m glad I took the time out to enjoy our last day of warm weather with great food and even better company.

Wishing you every blessing,