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Hurricane Sandy has blown through our area and knocked out our power for nearly 2 weeks, so we went to live with my parents, who had power and heat. Now we are settling back into our house, which was not damaged by the fallen trees all around our neighborhood. So, today I feel thankful for the basics: heat, hot showers, a kitchen to cook in, a home in which to live and love. I hope you won’t mind my re-posting this entry which seems very appropriate today while I continue the work of restoring our life to normalcy as I prepare for the holidays ahead….

Loving Life

We have so much for which to be thankful! Thanksgiving is upon us, and I believe in giving the Lord His due by making a big deal of this holiday, too (and not forcing Christmas into its 4 day space).  What could be more fitting than to count our blessings (large and small) and to thank Him? Sometimes when troubles and struggles arrive and bring with them emotional and physical stress, we become anxious and look at all that is going wrong, or could go wrong, or maybe will go wrong.  Focusing on the negative weakens us and our ability to meet the challenges before us.

I don’t suggest being a Pollyanna or an ostrich with your head in the sand.  But, I do believe we can all gain strength and live a better life if we keep refocusing on the positive, while dealing calmly and methodically to resolve our…

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