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We brought the New Year in with a trip to Barbados, the island on which we got married.  IMG_0270The first morning the sun rose through the gauzy curtains.

Sunrise throught the curtains

A fresh start

We got dressed and walked through the garden

Tropical tree in bloom

Buds Blossom

to the pool to pick up our beach towels.

two pools in paradise

Cool, Calm Waters

Then, we headed down the path past the models of Chattel Houses

Chattel houses in Barbados

Chattel House Cheer

to the beach to claim our chairs and an umbrella to protect us from the brilliant Carribean sun.

beach lounges with umbrella

Just We Two

The aqua water rolled onto the powdery white sand and kicked up spray when it hit some coral rocks.

a wave hits coral on the beach

Ocean Spray

We walked down the beach, hand in hand,

Pink sailboat in the sand

Sailing Anyone?

getting our feet sticky in the wet sand,

Pineapple by the sea

A Peaceful Vista

to this pink hotel, called Southern Palms.

Pink hotel with palm trees

Southern Palms Awaits

We ate breakfast there each morning.

ocean mural

Wonderful Wall Mural

Because of their Anglican heritage, the Bajan people keep their Christmas decorations up through the Feast of the Epiphany on January 6th (as we do at home).

Pink Christmas tree

A Pretty Passion for Pink

Bright, Carribean colors covered their Christmas trees.

purple Christmas Tree

Bright Baubles

I especially loved the handmade, sea themed wreaths

Pink Sea Christmas Wreath

Romantic Wreath

and swags

Christmas swag from the sea

Driftwood Decorations

and sprays

Sea theme Christmas swag

Seashell Swag

at Southern Palms, crafted of driftwood and shells.

pastel sea swag

Seasonal Seaside Swag

We ate breakfast al fresco, over looking the beach and next to the pristine pool.

a pool by the sea

A Pool in Paradise

 Then, we headed back to our lounge chairs,

row of beachside loungers

Laze Leisurely

to while away the day basking in the warmth, and the light, and the peace.

close up of hibiscus flower

Hibiscus Soak Up the Sun

Wishing you every blessing in this New Year,