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I and my beloved hubby took a trip to our nation’s Capitol to be near the inauguration of Barak Obama, to visit with family and friends, and to enjoy the delights of the city.

Flags on the Capitol

The Festooned Capitol

We spent our first morning in Georgetown,

Canal and locks lined by townhouses + winter trees

Houses along the locks.

the charming historic district

roses in a window box

Roses in Winter

at the north end of Washington

a Georgetown door

Greetings from Georgetown

where stately townhouses grace the streets

A Georgetown window

Overlooking the towpath.

and line the towpath of the canal that runs through it.

Georgetown Townhouses

Along the Canal

In the summer, a mule will pull this barge up the canal

The Georgetown Canal Boatt

A Canal Boat

and through the antique locks.

Bridge and Canal locks in Georgetown

Antique Locks and a Bridge

We took a leisurely stroll under the trees and over the bridges.

A flag flies in Georgetown

Patriotic Decorations

Ultimately, we met some dear friends for brunch at my favorite French café, Café La Ruche.

Garden of Cafe La Ruche

Cafe La Ruche

I’m afraid I scarfed down their delicious quiche too quickly to take a picture, but if you are ever in DC, you should stop here for brunch or in the summer for lunch in their alley garden when the fountain tinkles amid potted blooms.

skating rink at Washington harbor

Sunny Skating at Washington Harbor.

After brunch, we headed over to Washington Harbor to watch the ice skaters and to look out over the Potomac River from the Key Bridge

Potomac River walkway

Potomac River Promenade

to the Watergate hotel.

The Watergate Hotel on the Potomac River

The Watergate on the Water

A Coast Guard boat pulled away from the landing

Coast Guard Boat on the Potomac

Guarding the Coast

as we stood and watched it sail away.

Coast Guard boat sails up the Potomac

Sailing into the Sunshine

Meanwhile, children learned to skate

Learning to skate with a penguin

Skating with Penguins

with the help of friendly penguins.

Penguin skating

Playful Penguin

We drove downtown to the elegantly renovated Jefferson Hotel

bust of Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson in The Jefferson

where we headed to the bar to toast our President with a glass of champagne

Champagne at The Jefferson

Cheers to Our President

while we awaited our reservation for High Tea.

A Orchid in a square glass vase.

An Orchid in the Bar

Our gracious hostess escorted us through this lovely courtyard,

The Jefferson courtyard

The Courtyard for Tea

past this gorgeous centerpiece,

red white and blue centerpiece

Patriotic Centerpiece

to a secluded alcove

alcove in the courtyard of The Jefferson Hotel

A Hidden Garden for Two

with a fountain which she thought might be more romantic for beloved hubby and I.

Stone fountain at an indoor courtyard.

The Fountain Softly Gurgles

Silver, glass, and mirrors glamorously glistened on the table.

Silver white and mirror table setting

A Glittering Silvery Setting

We started with these beautiful sandwiches, arranged so artfully on a tray.

Sandwiches on a tray

Tea Sandwiches

Cucumber with salmon roe.

Cucumber sandwich with Salmon Roe

A Delicate Bite

Smoked salmon with fried capers.

Salmon sandwich with fried Capers

A Salty Treat

Warm scones came next,

Scones in a white napkin

A Basket of Deliciousness

which I slathered first with cherrry jam,

Cherry Jam on a scone

Sweet Goodness

then with Devonshire cream.

Devonshire cream on top of cherry jam on a scone

Creamy Heaven

Then a tiered silver tray of sweeties arrived, too many to eat in one sitting!

silver tiered tray of cak, cookies and buns

2 Tiers of Sweet Treats

The next day, we headed with several cousins to the Mall where we saw Pennsylvania Avenue decked out and ready for the Inauguration.DSCN3152


Newseum decorated for the Inauguartion

Newseum Banners Fly

and flags waved

Patriotic flags in the breeze

Flags Fly along Pennsylvania Avenue

awaiting the Presidential Parade the following day.

Banners on the Canadian Embassy for the Inauguration

The Canadian Embassy

We spent our afternoon inside the National Gallery of Art enjoying Impressionist paintings

Monet Cathedral

A Dreamy Monet

like these.

Boating painting by Mary Cassat

A Mary Cassatt Painting

The indoor gardens

fountain and garden inside the National Gallery

A Garden Inside the Gallery

provided a welcome break

flowers in the basin

Spring Blossoms Indoors

from the winter cold outside.DSCN3148

As we walked back to the Metro,

A Bakery on a ceramic tile

May I help you?

we discovered this pastry shop, Paul,

slices of cake topped with fruit

Luscious Pastries at Paul

where we treated ourselves to a hot café au lait and a small pastry.

Loaves for sale

Fresh Baked Bread

We ended our day at Chef Jose Andres’ restaurant, Zaytinia, where we feasted on Mediterranean cuisine.

baba ganoush

Gorgeous Baba Ghannouge

We started by dipping freshly baked pita bread into baba ghannouge and hommus.

hummus with olive oil

Creamy, garlicky hommus

A crisp, refreshing fettoush salad rounded out the appetizers.

Fetoush salad close up

Fettoush salad of cucumbers, yellow cherry tomatoes, radishes, and toasted pita.

Then we dug into an astounding variety of mezze plates to share, too many to get pictures of all of them.  However, I did manage to capture these savory carrot, apricot, and pine nut fritters (intriguingly, richly spiced) and the roasted cauliflower in fresh dill with sultans, caper berries, and pine nuts.

4 carrot balls in a green sauce

Carrot Fritters in a Pool of Herbal Sauce.

Trust me, you do not want to leave DC without eating here!

close up of cauliflower in dill

Ravishingly Roasted Cauliflowers

Each dish was more delicious than the next.

flags over Pennsylvania avenue

Watching from above

We ended our trip the next day at a viewing party of the Inauguration and the Inaugural Parade at the office of a law firm overlooking Pennsylvania Avenue.   Unfortunately, my camera malfunctioned, so I lost the pictures I took to share of the red, white and blue floral arrangements and décor.  They even served a red, white, and blue martini the bartender invented for the occasion!  We enjoyed all of our trip, whether it all made it onto film or not.  I hope this post may give you a glimpse of the excitement and festive atmosphere in our Capitol City during Inauguration, which stirs up patriotic fervor every 4 years no matter for whom you have voted.  God Bless America and our democracy.

Wishing You Every Blessing,